The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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Eight of Wands

Your First Card ~ The querent

This card represents swiftness and action. A change of direction is on the way sooner then you expected. There will be news, email, sms or phone call. Events will proceed rapidly. In a relationship this card represent good communications and actions that makes the relationship exciting. If you're single you'll get the phone call, sms or email from the person you date, or about to date. In matters of work this card represent good news that will speed up the action at work.

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Five of Cups

Your Second Card ~ The other person

You didn't get what you wanted and it hurts bad but you fail to see that all hope isn't lost just yet, its not over if you look at the positive things in this drama. You didn't win but you didn't loose either, you just haven't noticed that yet. You probably feel hurt, confused, insecure, disappointed and sad. A relationship didn't work out as you thought it would but its not over yet, maybe you just need some time to readjust and refocus on what important and what's not. This card tells you not to give up just yet.

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Four of Cups

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

This is a time of solitude and contemplation that we all need from time to time. You're not ready just yet to make any kind of decision or take action. You need a timeout in your relationships that brings you down at the moment and refocus, turn your focus inward to what you want and need. This card can also predict that you're not satisfied with the outcome of things and feel a bit depressed about it, feeling sorry for yourself, and that's alright, when you feel better you will look at it differently, right now you need some peace and quiet, to be left alone.

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