The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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Six of Cups

Your First Card ~ The querent

This card often signifies nostalgia, you think back on the good times that have been, your childhood and good memories. There might be a reunion coming up, or meeting someone from your past that brings up these memories. Right now your focus is on past memories and pleasures, and that's all good as long as you can leave it at just that. When this card does not represent nostalgia it signifies children and family life, relationships are harmonious and you may receive gifts and other appreciation. You may be thinking about starting your own family or adding to an already existing.

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Nine of Wands

Your Second Card ~ The other person

This man is on edge, prepared for the worst to happen. He's suspicious and can't relax. Your strength and stamina will be tested. In a relationship this card represent a state of mind where you can't really connect emotionally with your partner, you may be blocked, afraid of getting hurt or getting into arguments. If you're single you might have a problem with opening up emotionally because you're afraid of being hurt. In matters of work there will be overtime and a lot to do but you manage it.

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Four of Swords

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

A time of rest that is much needed. There might be an illness that forces you into rest and taking it slow. You might feel low and depressed and keep to yourself mostly. It's not much happening at the moment, a time of stillness. This card predicts that there will be some time before something happens. In a relationship this card stands for a phase where nothing really happens, a time of rest and reflection. If you're single you will be for a while further on as well, you need to rest and relax. In matters of work you might have to wait for responses, answers and decisions.

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