The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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Eight of Cups

Your First Card ~ The querent

You're fed up and moves on. Finally you came to your senses and made a choice to leave for a brighter future somewhere else, with someone else. You may be rejecting material things for the sake of feeling good emotionally the sake of feeling good emotionally. You see a higher purpose in life and may even reject success. The focus in this card is on emotional relationships and ties that you may break and leave because you're disappointed and feel like moving on.

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Three of Wands

Your Second Card ~ The other person

The three of wands represents progress. Business will flourish and connections will be made. There is good communication and teamwork. This is an exciting job/business that may include journeys. In a relationship this card represent a dynamic relationship that's exciting. If you're single you might meet someone online that you fins interesting. In matters of work this card represent a good business deal, connections and success.

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The Devil

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

The devil points to all kinds of negative influences in your life, you may not even realize it right now, take this card as a warning that you're going the wrong way. The devil represents all kinds of addictions and other destructive behavior. You're trapped in a negative pattern and its self-limiting, you need to break loose from this to be able to experience true happiness and joy again. In relationships this card points to abuse and mistreatment of partner, the relationship is not based on love but lust and wanting, you may be used. If you're single you may be in a sexual relationship, but be aware that it might not lead to much more then just that because there is a lack of intimacy and love. In matters of work this card predicts that you're interested in making a lot of money and be using other people to get what you want.

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