The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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Queen of Wands

Your First Card ~ The querent

A warm, generous, dominate, enthusiastic and charismatic woman who is a great businesswoman. She likes the company of friends and family. In a relationship this card represent that you're strong and independent and doesn't loose yourself in the relationship. If you're single people around you will be attracted and fascinated by you and you're picky. In matters of work, this card brings good sense of business and how it should be run.

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Nine of Swords

Your Second Card ~ The other person

You think and worry too much. There is a lot of anxiety here, and an expectation that the worst is going to happen. There might be some tears and sleepless nights. In a relationship this card stands for a fear of being left, hurt or cheated up on. If you're single you might feel hopelessly lonely. In matters of work you worry too much, taking the job home with you and you don't get any rest.

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Ten of Pentacles

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

This is the ultimate material success; you're rich now and might have to decide what to do with it all. You might relax a bit and enjoy the company of family and friends. You might receive an inheritance that was more then expected. In a relationship this card represent a stable and secure relationship with closeness to family and friends, you might be starting your own family or adding to it. If you're single you might meet a suiting partner on a reunion or some other gathering. In matters of work you've already got financial security and might consider leaving your work to the next generation.

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