The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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The Empress

Your First Card ~ The querent

The empress signifies mother earth and all her abundance. Often it represents you or a mature woman in your surroundings. This card is the strongest to predict a pregnancy, motherhood and family. In a mans reading, this card represent his ideal woman, beautiful, fertile, good mother, nurturing, unconditional love, giving, powerful feminine force. This is also a card of great creativity, you make and give birth to new ideas and plans. The empress may also predict a gathering where people come together and celebrate. Your life is expanding and growing.

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The Lovers

Your Second Card ~ The other person

The lovers represent love, a deep love on a spiritual level as well as on physical. Often this is a sexual relationship with a strong connection to the other partner. If you're single, this card predicts you will find love; a loving encounter is soon to be seen. This card represent any kind of relationship with a strong connection, it can be a friend, family member college. Often this card is about a choice, a choice concerning the relationship, where it's headed. Keep your eye on surrounding cards whether this choice is a positive or negative one. This card may also predict a balance between the male and female side of inner self.

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Three of Pentacles

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

Your hard work, skill and ability are rewarded, a job well done. Expansion, growth and material gain through hard work and devotion. You're well liked and appreciated at work. Your work is creative and you have an ability to earn money. This card also shows that you're making plans for the future. In a relationship this card predicts a time when the relationship grows deeper and becoming more serious. At work you receive appreciation for your good work and may be getting a promotion.

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