The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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Eight of Pentacles

Your First Card ~ The querent

Busy man working hard. This card often predicts that you're in the process of learning a new trade or profession. You may be perusing some interest of yours a hobby. This card speaks mainly of hard work for the fun of it not because of income. You may receive small amounts of money. In a relationship this card predicts that you may be working on a change in the relationship what will bring new experiences and joy further on. If you're single this card predicts the beginning of a relationship that has good prospects to become long lasting if you work on it.

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Three of Wands

Your Second Card ~ The other person

The three of wands represents progress. Business will flourish and connections will be made. There is good communication and teamwork. This is an exciting job/business that may include journeys. In a relationship this card represent a dynamic relationship that's exciting. If you're single you might meet someone online that you fins interesting. In matters of work this card represent a good business deal, connections and success.

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Queen of Wands

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

A warm, generous, dominate, enthusiastic and charismatic woman who is a great businesswoman. She likes the company of friends and family. In a relationship this card represent that you're strong and independent and doesn't loose yourself in the relationship. If you're single people around you will be attracted and fascinated by you and you're picky. In matters of work, this card brings good sense of business and how it should be run.

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