The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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The High Priestess

Your First Card ~ The querent

The high priestess is in total connection with her higher self and unconscious mind, which makes her a mystery to the outside world. Her truth and knowledge comes from inside and underneath the surface. This card tells advice you to listen to your inner voice and your feelings instead of what other people might say or think. You know what is right for you because you will feel it, sense it; let your intuition guide you. This card often represents a psychic woman who is in connection with the spirit world and higher self. This is a card of none action and inner wisdom, retreat, meditation, spiritual development, seeking advice on a higher level.

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Six of Wands

Your Second Card ~ The other person

This is a moment of victory and success. You've been working hard and you've made it, you won. It's your time at the top, enjoy it while it lasts. Your relationship is successful. If you're single you will enjoy attention and people looking up to you and being interested. In matters of work there will be success and you will gain recognition.

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Two of Pentacles

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

This card predicts that you will have a lot to do, many projects running at the same time and you manage it well. Change is on the way and you're able to adapt and balance at the same time. A change in your financial situation and you need to find stability and balance again. You feel that you're alive and kicking, having some fun. In a relationship this card predicts a fun and exciting time. If you're single this is a time when you're not very serious but play around for a while. In matters of work you seem to have your hands full but you manage to balance it well.

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