The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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Three of Swords

Your First Card ~ The querent

This is a card filled with pain and agony especially when it comes to relationships. This card predicts break-ups, hurt, disappointment, quarrel, divorce, separation and sorrow. In matters of work this card predicts loosing a job, being forced to leave, being forced to change town or profession. In a relationship this card show lovers t apart, either by distance or by quarrels. If you're single you might not get the one you've hoped for.

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Queen of Pentacles

Your Second Card ~ The other person

This is a skilled woman who is responsible and trustworthy. She's a great mother and loves nature and animals. She's a caring woman with good business sense and she's practical. In a relationship this card indicates a warm and secure relationship and a happy home life with family. Unconditional love and acceptance. If you're single you probably have children, family, and friends around you and don't feel the need for a partner at the moment. I matters of work this is a time of organization and structure, you make people in your working environment feel at home and welcome.

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Four of Wands

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

This is the celebration after labor is done. You might buy a new house or moving in together with partner. In a relationship this represent a romance that will lead to marriage. If you're single you've got the chance to meet someone with intention of serious relationship and marriage. In matters of work you've come a long way and its time for some rest, celebration or vacation.

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