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Your First Card ~ Is there hope of fnding romance in the future?

Now I am going to sound like all the other tarot readers and tell you that this card is mainly about transformation and change rather then physical death. This card is a release not a burden. Its time for a change and its for the better, don't try to work against it, go with the flow instead. Something ends and makes way for new beginnings. In a relationship this card often predicts the end of the relationship, but it might as well predict a big change in the relationship where you both work at your problems and leave problems behind. If you're single, this card predicts a major change in your love life; you might finally let go of the past and moves on, released and opening up for a new relationship further on. In matters of work you might be leaving one job for another.

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Queen of Cups

Your Second card ~ Will the new lover be similar to past lovers?

A woman who is a good mother and a loving wife. She has a good healer and knows how to truly listen to others. She is supporting and very intuitive, she knows matters of the heart and emotions. She is sensitive, giving, loving, and affectionate and in a relationship she represent just that. This card may indicate a pregnancy. A woman who is ready for a long lasting relationship.

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Two of Wands

Your Third card ~ Will the relationship feel safe and secure?

This is a powerful man with a lot of possibilities; a decision is to be made, what direction to go from here. This man has confidence and authority and he transforms the inspiration gained in the ace of wands into action. Partnerships are seen and you will have the ability to make your dreams come true. In a relationship this card represent a balanced relationship with cooperation and negotiation. If you're single you might meet a suiting partner soon. In matters of work you'll find success, giving partnerships and great opportunities.

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Your Fourth card ~ Will there be commitment in the relationship?

This is the calm after the storm, after major change you need some time to relax and find balance again. You have a good character with self-control, carefulness, even tempered and patience. It's a card that's predicts well being and good health. It's a time for healing and getting back on your feet. A life in balance and moderation. In a relationship this card predicts a harmonious phase when you get along and come to agreements. You kiss and make up. If you're single this points to a time when you need to find stability and balance in your love life, heal old wounds. It may predict that you meet a person that you get along with very well, a person who feels like a soul mate. In matters of work this card predicts a time when you feel good about your work, you've found something that really works for you, you get along with fellow workers.

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Seven of Swords

Your Fifth card ~ Is marriage a possibility in the relationship?

The seven of swords shows a person who is sneaking away with swords, looks like he's stealing. Therefore this card often represents dishonesty and irresponsible behavior. This is a person who rather sneaks away then to stand actions. In relationships your partner might not be totally honest with you, or not that serious as you would have liked. If you're single you might meet a person who is not reliable. In matters of work you sneak away from responsibility, maybe you feel you would like to change work.

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King of Wands

Your Sixth card ~ Will the relationship be lasting and fruitful?

A mature, warm, charming, generous, charismatic and enthusiastic man. He's an excellent businessman and leader. In a relationship this card represent a structure and stability with in the relationship. If you're single you'll meet a powerful charming man. In matters of work this card represent a promotion, structure and stability. A chief position.

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Knight of Cups

Your Seventh card ~ What can be done to find true and lasting love?

The romantic dreamer enters your life and this card often predicts love and romantic adventures. He has a lot of feelings and knows how to express them. You may be falling in love with a man you believe is perfect. This is the coming or going of matters concerning your love life, often a love that is entering your live. If you're in a relationship, this card represents a romantic phase; arguments and harsh words are forgiven and forgotten.

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