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Knight of Pentacles

Your First Card ~ Is there hope of fnding romance in the future?

This is a hardworking young person who is stable, secure and trustworthy. This person can be more or less a workaholic. He's patient and responsible. This card may indicate a coming or going of a matter concerning job, money, land, home or business. In a relationship this card represent a stable and secure relationship that can become a bit unimaginative and dull in the long run. If you're single you'll meet a stable and secure person who you can trust, that is serious.

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Nine of Pentacles

Your Second card ~ Will the new lover be similar to past lovers?

Your hard work and effort pays off and you receive appreciation and recognition. Surprisingly good development in business and financial income. A successful business deal. You may receiving a inheritance. You will get rewarded. In a relationship you understand that you have made a great catch in your partner. If you're single, you will get asked out or other proposals.

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Queen of Cups

Your Third card ~ Will the relationship feel safe and secure?

A woman who is a good mother and a loving wife. She has a good healer and knows how to truly listen to others. She is supporting and very intuitive, she knows matters of the heart and emotions. She is sensitive, giving, loving, and affectionate and in a relationship she represent just that. This card may indicate a pregnancy. A woman who is ready for a long lasting relationship.

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Nine of Wands

Your Fourth card ~ Will there be commitment in the relationship?

This man is on edge, prepared for the worst to happen. He's suspicious and can't relax. Your strength and stamina will be tested. In a relationship this card represent a state of mind where you can't really connect emotionally with your partner, you may be blocked, afraid of getting hurt or getting into arguments. If you're single you might have a problem with opening up emotionally because you're afraid of being hurt. In matters of work there will be overtime and a lot to do but you manage it.

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Knight of Wands

Your Fifth card ~ Is marriage a possibility in the relationship?

A hot tempered, passionate and intense young man. He knows what he wants and goes after if without thinking. He's confident, charismatic and enthusiastic. In a relationship this card represent heat, passion and drama. If you're single you'll meet a passionate and intense man. In matters of work this card represent promotions and success.

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Seven of Swords

Your Sixth card ~ Will the relationship be lasting and fruitful?

The seven of swords shows a person who is sneaking away with swords, looks like he's stealing. Therefore this card often represents dishonesty and irresponsible behavior. This is a person who rather sneaks away then to stand actions. In relationships your partner might not be totally honest with you, or not that serious as you would have liked. If you're single you might meet a person who is not reliable. In matters of work you sneak away from responsibility, maybe you feel you would like to change work.

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Six of Wands

Your Seventh card ~ What can be done to find true and lasting love?

This is a moment of victory and success. You've been working hard and you've made it, you won. It's your time at the top, enjoy it while it lasts. Your relationship is successful. If you're single you will enjoy attention and people looking up to you and being interested. In matters of work there will be success and you will gain recognition.

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