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Three of Cups

Your First Card ~ Is there hope of fnding romance in the future?

The three of cups shows a group of people who are having a good time, looks like they are celebrating and having a good time. Therefore this card often signifies a social event like any kind of parties, weddings, birth of a child, family gatherings etc. It's a time of carefree ness happiness, joy and thankfulness. Relax and enjoy your good friends and family's company, let go of troubles and head times, its over for the moment.

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Seven of Pentacles

Your Second card ~ Will the new lover be similar to past lovers?

You might experience some setbacks in your plans and feel disappointed. Your patience will be tested. This called for a time out to decide future direction and to gain some perspective. You need to figure out what you want and need, make future plans and accept that what you're trying to reach will take time and effort, right now it's a slow growth. In a relationship you may be unsure where the relationship is going and what you really want, you're not fully satisfied with the situation. If you're single you will probably question why you're not where you want to be in your love life and future direction. In matters of work you might not reach the success you've hoped for, the progress is slow.

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Two of Wands

Your Third card ~ Will the relationship feel safe and secure?

This is a powerful man with a lot of possibilities; a decision is to be made, what direction to go from here. This man has confidence and authority and he transforms the inspiration gained in the ace of wands into action. Partnerships are seen and you will have the ability to make your dreams come true. In a relationship this card represent a balanced relationship with cooperation and negotiation. If you're single you might meet a suiting partner soon. In matters of work you'll find success, giving partnerships and great opportunities.

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Your Fourth card ~ Will there be commitment in the relationship?

This card is about soft control and taking charge of a situation by understanding and being patient. It shows great courage, acceptance and passion. This card represent inner strength, you have learned to control your emotions and can now rise above them for the greater good. You see the bigger picture and understand how important determination and endurance is. A strong power from the soul. This card also represents self-improvement, good health. In a relationship this card shows that you're determent to make things work even though it may be rocky times. If you're single it shows that you rather be on your own then with the wrong person.

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The Star

Your Fifth card ~ Is marriage a possibility in the relationship?

The star brings hope and it's the first step to recovery, you can look at your future and see the great things you can accomplish. Things were bad but now you look and feel a little bit different because your focus has changed from the negative to the positive things in life and you can now appreciate the good things. You are in connection with your soul and feel your purpose, why you were sent to this earth, you could see the bigger picture, what the universe has installed for you. In a relationship this predicts a sense of hope and you can se a future with this person, long lasting. If you're single you feel good at where you're at and may look forward into meeting your soul mate but understand that you two will meet when the time is right and when you're ready. In matters of work, this signify that you in your job get to use your full potential and talents and it makes you feel that you're in the right place just for you.

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Four of Swords

Your Sixth card ~ Will the relationship be lasting and fruitful?

A time of rest that is much needed. There might be an illness that forces you into rest and taking it slow. You might feel low and depressed and keep to yourself mostly. It's not much happening at the moment, a time of stillness. This card predicts that there will be some time before something happens. In a relationship this card stands for a phase where nothing really happens, a time of rest and reflection. If you're single you will be for a while further on as well, you need to rest and relax. In matters of work you might have to wait for responses, answers and decisions.

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King of Cups

Your Seventh card ~ What can be done to find true and lasting love?

A strong and powerful man that knows how to handle relationships and emotions. He is safe and supportive, a good healer, a loving husband and father. He is sensitive and intuitive, a good listener and a good counselor. This card may indicate that your "Mr. right" is entering your life.

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