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King of Wands

Your First Card ~ Is there hope of fnding romance in the future?

A mature, warm, charming, generous, charismatic and enthusiastic man. He's an excellent businessman and leader. In a relationship this card represent a structure and stability with in the relationship. If you're single you'll meet a powerful charming man. In matters of work this card represent a promotion, structure and stability. A chief position.

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Six of Swords

Your Second card ~ Will the new lover be similar to past lovers?

The six of swords represents a journey; it can be a physical or a mental. If this card represent a physical journey its usually a longer one over seas. It's a card of mental clarity and solving of problems. There is a change from worse to better, smooth waters ahead. You leave sorrow and difficulties behind. In a relationship this card represent overcoming of problems and difficult times. If you're single you might meet someone on a journey or vacation. In matters of work you might change work environment, the change is positive.

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Page of Cups

Your Third card ~ Will the relationship feel safe and secure?

When this card does not represent a child, a young person, fertility or pregnancy it's often about new experiences in your love life. If you are a young person you may experience love for the first time. If you're more experienced this card often indicates that you're opening up to the possibility of a relationship and the love again. A person entering your life that brings; kindness, sweetness, gentleness, playfulness and flirting. It's a time of joy. If you're expecting a call or message, this card tells you it will be a positive one.

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Seven of Swords

Your Fourth card ~ Will there be commitment in the relationship?

The seven of swords shows a person who is sneaking away with swords, looks like he's stealing. Therefore this card often represents dishonesty and irresponsible behavior. This is a person who rather sneaks away then to stand actions. In relationships your partner might not be totally honest with you, or not that serious as you would have liked. If you're single you might meet a person who is not reliable. In matters of work you sneak away from responsibility, maybe you feel you would like to change work.

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Ace of Wands

Your Fifth card ~ Is marriage a possibility in the relationship?

Ace of wands represent, initiative, enthusiasm, confidence, excitement, adventure, courage and spiritual power. You're inspired and engaged in a new business deal, relationship, idea or situation. You're full of energy and passion, its something you really want to do and you strive for success and what your heart desire. In a relationship this card represent a new beginning with great attraction and passion. If you're single romance and passion is entering your life. In matters of work this card represent a new project that you feel passionate and inspired of.

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Two of Wands

Your Sixth card ~ Will the relationship be lasting and fruitful?

This is a powerful man with a lot of possibilities; a decision is to be made, what direction to go from here. This man has confidence and authority and he transforms the inspiration gained in the ace of wands into action. Partnerships are seen and you will have the ability to make your dreams come true. In a relationship this card represent a balanced relationship with cooperation and negotiation. If you're single you might meet a suiting partner soon. In matters of work you'll find success, giving partnerships and great opportunities.

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Page of Swords

Your Seventh card ~ What can be done to find true and lasting love?

This messenger brings you new ideas, opportunities, perspective and opinions. The person bringing the message is intelligent, truthful, just, witty and kind. It will force your mind to start work and processing the new information that is given to you and you may start looking at the situation differently. In a relationship this card stands for a child or intensity within the relationship. New experiences and ideas, more excitement. If you're single this card predicts a new and exciting person entering your life. In matters of work new experiences and ideas are on the way.

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