The Relationship Tarot Reading - Three Card

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Ten of Cups

Your First Card ~ The querent

The ten of cups represent a happy and stable home life with partner, family and friends. You may be thinking about starting a family, moving to a new town, starting a new job, buy a house, moving in together with a loved one, this card tells you it will work out as planed in not better. This love and friendship is true and long lasting. It's an end to one cycle and the beginning of another that leaves you the feeling of fulfillment and happiness. This card indicates a happy ending and a yes to your question.

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Two of Swords

Your Second Card ~ The other person

The two of swords represent a stalement. A difficult decision need to be made and you might try to gain some time by stalling. You don't really know what to choose, which way to go. This card also stands for a temporary truth in arguments and fights. There is a need for balance. In a relationship this card represents a time when emotions are blocked and decisions needs to be made about the future course on the relationship. If you're single, you might have to decide between people who are interested in you. In matters of work this card stands for choices that you don't necessarily want to make.

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Eight of Cups

Your Third Card ~ The dynamic between the two

You're fed up and moves on. Finally you came to your senses and made a choice to leave for a brighter future somewhere else, with someone else. You may be rejecting material things for the sake of feeling good emotionally the sake of feeling good emotionally. You see a higher purpose in life and may even reject success. The focus in this card is on emotional relationships and ties that you may break and leave because you're disappointed and feel like moving on.

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