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Eight of Cups

Your First Card ~ Is there hope of fnding romance in the future?

You're fed up and moves on. Finally you came to your senses and made a choice to leave for a brighter future somewhere else, with someone else. You may be rejecting material things for the sake of feeling good emotionally the sake of feeling good emotionally. You see a higher purpose in life and may even reject success. The focus in this card is on emotional relationships and ties that you may break and leave because you're disappointed and feel like moving on.

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Page of Pentacles

Your Second card ~ Will the new lover be similar to past lovers?

When this card does not represent a child or younger person it's usually about messages considering new ideas and options. This card brings opportunities to experience wealth, enrichments, learning, comfort, trust and security. In a relationship this card represent an opportunity to make the relationship more secure and stable. If you're single you might get an opportunity to meet someone interesting, trustworthy and stable person. In matters of work you might get an opportunity to learn more and deepen your skills.

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Page of Wands

Your Third card ~ Will the relationship feel safe and secure?

This page brings you messages and opportunities considering exploration, adventures and passion. You will experience great enthusiasm, confidence, playfulness, inspiration, creativity and a joy of living. In a relationship this card represent a phase of excitement, passion and playfulness within the relationship. It could also represent a child. If you're single there is a adventures romance on the way in your life. In matters of work you'll receive news and messages that brings you great enthusiasm and inspiration, work is fun.

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The Star

Your Fourth card ~ Will there be commitment in the relationship?

The star brings hope and it's the first step to recovery, you can look at your future and see the great things you can accomplish. Things were bad but now you look and feel a little bit different because your focus has changed from the negative to the positive things in life and you can now appreciate the good things. You are in connection with your soul and feel your purpose, why you were sent to this earth, you could see the bigger picture, what the universe has installed for you. In a relationship this predicts a sense of hope and you can se a future with this person, long lasting. If you're single you feel good at where you're at and may look forward into meeting your soul mate but understand that you two will meet when the time is right and when you're ready. In matters of work, this signify that you in your job get to use your full potential and talents and it makes you feel that you're in the right place just for you.

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Your Fifth card ~ Is marriage a possibility in the relationship?

This is the calm after the storm, after major change you need some time to relax and find balance again. You have a good character with self-control, carefulness, even tempered and patience. It's a card that's predicts well being and good health. It's a time for healing and getting back on your feet. A life in balance and moderation. In a relationship this card predicts a harmonious phase when you get along and come to agreements. You kiss and make up. If you're single this points to a time when you need to find stability and balance in your love life, heal old wounds. It may predict that you meet a person that you get along with very well, a person who feels like a soul mate. In matters of work this card predicts a time when you feel good about your work, you've found something that really works for you, you get along with fellow workers.

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Knight of Swords

Your Sixth card ~ Will the relationship be lasting and fruitful?

This is a young man who is very sure of his own opinion and standpoint, which may lead to trouble. He will not give up until he has convinced you he's right. It's an intelligent man and very intense that may not consider other people's opinions and feelings. This card brings action and intensity to the situation. In relationships this card often represent arguments where one partner refuse to compromise. If you're single this card predicts that you will meet an intelligent and intense man who challenge your values and opinions in life. In matters of work this card predict complications with people who refuse to compromise.

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Wheel of Fortune

Your Seventh card ~ What can be done to find true and lasting love?

The wheel of fortune predicts a turning point and sudden change of events; it may turn for the better or worse, time will tell. It may indicate a new vision or idea that strikes you suddenly. Some say this card represent faith and that this is out of our control. Change is on the way, wither you like it or not. If you're in a relationship this card points to a change in your relationship, hopefully for the better. If you're single, don't be surprised if you meet someone soon out of the blue. In matters of work this card may predict a change for the better and even some luck coming your way.

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